For a young man of 21, Nicky Hopkins is the most promising pianist arranger on the music scene today, that goes for both sides of the Atlantic. In short, Nicky is a Gas! (Shel Talmy - Producer The Who and The Kinks, 1966)

We are deeply indebted to Nicky Hopkins and to many friend (Rolling Stones' Beggars Banquet back-cover 1968)

We were able to give you a perfect example of blues music that we sometimes give forth, and please let's own up about the piano solo (Jeff Beck - Blues de Luxe - 1968)

On Jeff Beck's Truth album this pianist extraordinaire drew and uninhibited all-American round of applause from the audience for his manic solo in the middle of the live recording, Blues de Luxe (Rolling Stone 1969)

World's most polite monster Piano (Inner sleeve of Quicksilver Messenger Service Just for Love 1970)

General speaking, the session man is an integral part of music recording, whether in the world of light opera or in rock (Nicky Hopkins: Back Door Man, 1975)

The highly respected pianist. The most sought-after keyboard session man in rock (Bill Wyman, 1990)

I always greatly admired his talent (Glyn Johns)

He is by far the rock piano player with the best reputation in rock history (Voodoo Chile In Wonderland - The author of this website, 1999)

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