17th APRIL 1967

Panathinaikos Stadium



By Fotini from Greece, Irina from Russia and Gerardo from México






For years this concert has been a mystery, as it was not documented, no tape extant and the set list is not known for sure.


None of the experts has documented this concert and they include Aeppli,Felix, Galbraith, Gary, Hoffmann,Dieter, Karnbach,James & Bernson,Carol, Kluge,Volker & Hoffmann,D., Stember,Wilfried, Wyman,Bill & Coleman,Ray, Zentgraf,Nico... yes none of them and now we have, not just the full setlist but great photos and additional information.


To note, it was the last concert in the 1967 European tour. In fact, the Rolling Stones did not play in public (neither live concerts nor Live TV appearances) until the live debut of Jumping Jack Flash more than one year later at the Empire Pool, Wembley in London on 12th May 1968 for the New Musical Express Poll Winners’ Concert. Then the next and last live appearance of Brian was on TV for the Rock and Roll Circus on December 11, 1968.


So this was the last tour show with Brian Jones.


Recently Irina from Kaliningrad, Russia and Fotini from Greece gave us some (21) really cool photos and four great articles to reveal a lot of interesting things, including the setlist.





Some notes on phrases and names used in the text:


Yeah-yeah’s:  In Greece, people who listened to sixties’ music at the time were often called “yeah-yeah’s” by the press or elders, due to the various “yeah’s” which were used in many pop and rock ‘n’ roll songs.


Nikos Mastorakis: Greek radio and TV producer – later pursued a career in movie making. A very debatable personality, mainly due to the role he played during the 7 years of the military coup.





All the articles below were included in a special issue by ZOO magazine in June 1997. This is the reason why one of the articles refers to the “first big gig in Greece… and the last one!” The Stones played in Greece again in 1998. The articles included are:


1.- Paint it Black: The main description of the 1967 concert, written in 1997 by Dimos Passas.

2.- How much do you love the Rolling Stones?: Description of a contest held in 1967.

3.- The first big gig in Greece… and the last one!: An “eye-witness” review of the ’67 gig.

4.- Precursor?: Newspaper article published in 1967 (April 23rd).


Note: All photos are from the event.