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The purpose of this page is to provide for tape collectors and curious fans a complete (or as close as possible) source of songs played by The Rolling Stones at each concert throughout their career since their first concert on 12th July 1962

In nearly all cases,the source of each listing comes from my own personal audio archive which accounts for approximately 90% of the shows since 1969. Where that information has been unavailable or the circulating tapes have been incompletely recorded,I have referred to the following sources (some of which,it must be said differ from each other in information and accuracy):

Aeppli, Felix: "The Rolling Stones 1962 - 1995: The Ultimate Guide" (R.I.S., 1996)


Hoffmann, Dieter (editor): "Basement News" Magazine, (1991 to date)


Hoffmann, Dieter: "Rolling Stones: Das Weissbuch" (NMR, 1991)


Hoffmann, Dieter & Winterstein, Peter: "Rolling Stones: Schwarzbuch" (1997)


Karnbach, James & Bernson, Carol: "The Complete Recording Guide To The Rolling Stones" (Aurum, 1997)


Kluge, Volker & Hoffmann, D.: "The Rolling Stones: Bootleg Bible" (RS Fan Production For Fans, 1984)


Stember, Wilfried: "The Rolling Stones Collectors File" (2nd edition) (Private, 1984)


Wyman, Bill (with Coleman, Ray): "Stone Alone" (Viking, 1990)


Zentgraf, Nico: "The Complete Works Vol.1 1962 - 1975 (Stoneware Pub.1993)


Zentgraf, Nico: "The Complete Works Vol.2 1976 - 1986 (Stoneware Pub.1995)




"Fingerprint File" - Rolling Stones Bootleg listings ( by Jaii (currently not on line)


"It's Only Rock'n'Roll" - Rolling Stones Fan Club of Europe ( by Bjørnulf Vik


"Revelations On The Rolling Stones"- ( by Chris M.


"Through The Frames, Brightly Chasing The Rolling Stones Across America With Microfilm"- ( by Harold Colson

For shows prior to 1969,it is very difficult to pinpoint exact setlists as there are less than ten concerts in circulation amongst collectors. However, where there are no recordings available I have listed a general setlist for each tour which can be expected to be reasonably accurate as the setlist would barely have varied from one song to the next. For shows where there is not known to be a recording in circulation, I have listed it as such (no tape extant)

The setlists are listed on a year by year basis for easy reference. I have also listed two separate pages which will deal with "non-tour concerts" (eg Toronto 1977,CNIB Benefit 1979,100 Club 1986 etc) and "live" TV guest appearances. Please note, that where any "non-tour concerts" have taken place in the middle of a tour (eg the Pepsi Gig in Kona, Hawaii in 1998) it has been listed as part of that particular tour. Similarly, a concert recorded for television but which was not a guest appearance as such is listed with the tour statistics (eg the MTV "Live at the 10 Spot" show from October 1997 is listed as part of the 1997 tour whereas the band's guest appearance on the 1997 VH1 "Fashion Awards" show is listed in the TV appearances section...(don't worry… it sounds more complex than it is!)

Another page will show an alphabetical list of songs performed on a year-by-year basis and there will also be a page which will record a list of the debut and most recent live performances of every officially released and unreleased song - and whether that particular performance is available to collectors

Obviously, whilst I would like to think that this page has been diligently researched and that the information provided will be accurate, I am realistic to know that some errors may occur. Any corrections, comments and queries are most welcome - and of course, if YOU have information (or even a recording) of a show which is not listed here, please contact me. I will be happy to credit any sources which will help me ensure that this site is as accurate as possible. I would appreciate it if you could do the same if using these sources for any publication or online source.

At this moment we want to thank Lori aka Somegirl, Ed Kruszewski aka Little Red Rooster and Chirs Kuchler for their valuable comments, they are already included.

We also want to thank Irina from Kaliningrad, Russia and Fotini from Greece, who help us to document the last show of the 1967 tour, the last tour show with Brian Jones!

Please contact me on:

Please note that whilst the bulk of the information on this page comes from my own collection,this page is not a trading or sale list

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1962 shows

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1967 European tour

1969 US Tour

1970 European Tour

1971 UK Tour aka Good by Britain - UK Tour

1972 North American tour

1973 Winter Tour

1973 European Tour

1975 North American Tour aka "Tour of the Americas"

1976 European Tour

1978 American Tour

1981 American Tour

1982 European Tour

1989 North American Tour

1990 Japanese Tour aka Steel Wheels Tour

1990 European Tour aka Urban Jungle Tour

1994 North American Tour aka Voodoo Lounge Tour

1995 Spring tour aka Voodoo Lounge Tour

1995 European Tour aka Voodoo Lounge Tour

1997 North American Tour aka Bridges To Babylon Tour

1998 Spring Tour aka Bridges To Babylon Tour

1998 European Tour aka Bridges To Babylon Tour

1999 North American Tour aka No Security Tour

1999 European Tour aka Bridges To Babylon Tour

2002 Licks Tour – North American Leg

2003 Licks Tour – North American Leg

2003 Licks TourAustralian Leg

2003 Licks TourAsian Leg

2003 Licks TourEuropean Leg

2003 Licks TourHong Kong Rescheduled Shows

2005 A Bigger Bang USA and Canada Leg

2006 A Bigger Bang First USA & Canada Leg

2006 A Bigger Bang Latin American Leg

2006 A Bigger Bang Second USA Leg

2006 A Bigger Bang Asia and Australasia Leg

2006 A Bigger Bang European Leg

2006 A Bigger Bang Third USA & Canada Leg

2007 A Bigger Bang Second European Leg

2012 - 50 and Counting - Paris, London, NJ and NYC

2013 – 50 and Counting North American Tour

2013 – 50 and Counting - 2013 UK Festivals Tour

2014 – 14 On Fire Tour – Upcoming Dates

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