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Rolling Stones / Re:Según Darrel Jones habrá más en 2020.
« : septiembre 01, 2019, 01:29:47 pm »
Van a Japón y Australia según los que saben...


1) JJ Flash
3) Tumbling Dice
4) Out of Control
5) Under My Thumb (Song Vote)
6) Can't Always Get What You Want
7) Sweet Virginia (B-Stage, acoustic)
8) Dead Flowers (B-Stage, acoustic)
10) Honky Tonk Women
--- Band Introductions ---
11) You Got The Silver (Keith)
12) Before They Make Me Run (Keith)
13) Miss You
14) Paint It, Black
15) Midnight Rambler
16) Start Me Up
17) Brown Sugar
--- Encore ---
18) Gimme Shelter
19) Satisfaction


Under My Thumb en el souncheck con IORR y Tumbling Dice...

Rolling Stones / The Worst con Keith en el nuevo album de Sheryl Crow
« : agosto 30, 2019, 03:53:31 pm »
Está muy bueno!"

Prove You Wrong (featuring Stevie Nicks and Maren Morris)
Live Wire (featuring Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples)
Tell Me When It’s Over (featuring Chris Stapleton)
Story Of Everything (featuring Chuck D, Andra Day, and Gary Clark Jr.)
Beware Of Darkness (featuring Eric Clapton, Sting, and Brandi Carlile)
Redemption Day (featuring Johnny Cash)
Cross Creek Road (featuring Lukas Nelson)
Everything Is Broken (featuring Jason Isbell)
The Worst (featuring Keith Richards)
Lonely Alone (featuring Willie Nelson)
Border Lord (featuring Kris Kristofferson)
Still The Good Old Days (featuring Joe Walsh)
Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You (featuring St. Vincent)
Don’t (featuring Lucius)
Nobody’s Perfect (featuring Emmylou Harris)
Flying Blind (featuring James Taylor)
For The Sake Of Love (featuring Vince Gill)


Ronnie has paid tribute to his Rolling Stones band mates in this new boxset.
The hands have such personality; they are the connection of each member of the greatest rock and roll band in the world, with their instrument. This series is available as a set of four personally hand-signed prints and a signed frontispiece in a presentation box, strictly limited to 150 sets.


Due to the weather forecast, the Rolling Stones Hard Rock Stadium show scheduled for Sat Aug 31 has been moved to tomorrow night, Fri Aug 30. All tickets will be honored for the new date. There will be no opening act-doors will open at 6PM ET & the Stones will go on at 8:30PM ET.

Están por hacerlo oficial, Se recorre un día el show!

Será el  VIERNES 30 de AGOSTO

Marcelo, lo siento, no verás a Juanes en vivo, ya que no habrá opening act y el show comienza a las 8.30.

Under My Thumb
Beast of Burden
Live With Me


La mejor de las vibras a los que van, Marcelo, Alex, Rómulo y a todos, se viene la gran fiesta de cierre de este magnífico tour!!!

Armé de rápido una reseña para It´s Only Rock´n Roll, la pueden leer aqui:

Review by Roger Guerrero, Mexico
This time we bet for Pasadena´s Rose Bowl, the most legendary Stadium of the American Leg, named as National Historic Landmark, I remember the USA ‘94 final game of Soccer World Cup, also the biggest crowd capacity and believe me, was amazing to see how the Stadium looks with a sold out and the Stones Stage working!
Our experience starts at 3pm when we arrived and immediately saw the Official Merchandising trucks with all merch available and nobody people buying because it was still not open. I loved the shirt and Litho with the tongue made by roses in match with the Spieker Field theme.

I attended the show with my 8 years old son, so I look for some kind of fun until Lucky Dip box office open at 5.30, the Rose Bowl sent an email with Schedule for the day and the Fan Fest started 3.30pm, they had games and some drinks and food, a lot of souvenir ítems as the wanted bandana with Tour logo made by main sponsor, really beautiful flag.

The people has been started with the lines at doors, some other was trying to get tickets and a few were available, was a mess the ticketing operations at that time because at 5pm there were not available more tickets and Lucky Dip people in charge has no idea how the concept Works, so they started to give the envelopes and wristbands (so beautiful ítem! with Pasadena´s original date 05.11.2019!) at 5.45pm with no kind of control and of course, they didn´t give priority to first in line to get better tickets, anyway, to be my third Lucky Dip experience was not to bad get seats in secc 19 when the original Price was around 300usd ea, i get my pair for 80usd, as one richman told me, you´re in the house!

You should know that we have a better view of the band here in Rose bowl than any other seat you can get at Foro Sol in Mexico, where we saw The Stones in lateral part also in 2016. The right screen (4th) give us good takes of close ups and band members so good, I thought the name of the tour was related to the high definition screens that shows you the band as is, with no kind of filter you could use to upgrade the aesthetics with and iphone, in fact i called it the four iphones stage…

In the morning I can catch in social network the Robert Downy Jr. Message related to Nasa but I can´t find any relation and I don´t search for anything in the web because I wanted all in show were a surprise and I did it! Just after Kaleo band went out of stage the yellow screens with tongue appeared and minutes later the started to show the Nasa Logo with some kind of spacial sounds , then a voice presented RDJr and he had a good Speech telling about the Nasa´s appointment about the rock in Mars, then a video explaining more about. (both available in YouTube) Craftly the Stones now are selling merchandise related to Nasa on his website.

Finally 8.56 the intro starts and the blood flows fast, with a band totally engaged in really good shape and the better sound I ever Heard in a Stones concert, Street fighting man so clean, so exact, Mick definitively is from another planet but fortunately is from our time and space!

Charlie sounded so good in Tumbling Dice, and also he seems enjoy the moment, at the final of the song he made some diferent drum rolls and smile!

Was nice to me hear You Got Me Rocking, I did not hear live this since Twickenham 2006 and I really enjoy it, I repeat, the sound was incredible my fantasy was Sad Sad Sad but the sound made I forget what I want.

Mick asked about fans from some cities of California, thanked Kaleo for opening set, said sorry about the reschedule date and mentioned the Mars rock named Rolling Stones by the NASA.

My vote was for When The Whip comes Down, but seeing the fire that band was at the start of the show and the guitar of Ronnie immediately knew was She´s A Rainbow the winner, 21 years ago in my first Stones show in Bridges to Babylon this song was also winner, and tasted as a closing circle for me, Mick took posssion of everything related to the song, sang with a lot of enthusiasm and Keith and Ronnie also did great job, my son was shocked about all color changes the stage was capable to show!

For me it was a predictable choice of Sweet Virginia and Dead Flowers, it was amazing to see the fantastic four Rolling Stones alone in the center of the full stadium, not seen in any other tour since 60´s but at those days they were 6 with Stu.

Once again Mick did a great vocal job on Sympathy, he gave strong sound in each line of the song that include the crowd with his performance too, he made a lot of exaggerated movements as telling, hey people, I´m here, I´m the one and only greatest frontman ever! For me was my best Sympathy for the Devil I ever experienced since 1998.

The audience left their seats for Honky Tonk Women, good version , much better with no large intro by Chuck that really ruined in Olé and Desert Trip shows.

Our Keith sang very good You Got The Silver and rocked the house with Before The Make Me Run matching with a Ronnie´s excellent licks in the bridge.

What a beautiful and funky version of Miss You they did, Darryl has a longest and enjoyable bass solo and Mick apologized and all the band smiled!

The band was on fire, and after more than a dozen of shows all hits was a piece of cake, my son and I really enjoy this great time, he listen to the Stones before he was born, saw the Stones in Mexico 2 shows in 2016 but at 5 years is hard to remember everything, now he asked to me carry him in my arms to dance and sing together all the hits!!!

Humbly I had only been in Stones history 12 times since 1998, and all these American tours, each concert, each concept have someting that makes it different, impossible to rank them, I only want to thank the Rolling Stones for giving me Friends around the world, the experience of knowing another places in the planet and especially the soundtrack of our life!

Thank you for your wine California!

Marcelo, subes la foto con Rómulo!

 :-* No mames Gerardo ya ta están contagiando la pobre manera de llenar de spam este Banquete, pinche nota toda pendeja, demejorado? pendejos, lo hubieran visto arriba del escenario! >:(

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