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Hyde Park 2 - London UK 13/7/2013

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Live With Me
Street Fighting Man
If You Can't Rock Me
Rocks Off

un If You Can´t Rock Me con Mick Taylor estaria de pelos....

Street Fighting Man ME PONEEEEEEE A 1000 !!!!!!!!!!!! Por favor votad votad votad votad!!! quiero escucharla allá!!!!

Ambos shows de Hyde Park serán grabados, esperando formen parte de un próximo dvd, y el audio este a la venta por la mierda esa de iTunes...

The Rolling Stones have returned to London's Hyde Park - 44 years since their last famous gig there.

Their historic free concert on July 5, 1969, came just two days after the death of founder member Brian Jones.

The legendary band topped the bill on the second day of a new festival, Barclaycard Presents British Summer Time.

Last time, frontman Sir Mick Jagger wore a white dress and began by quoting from a poem by Shelley.

But this time Sir Mick - who celebrates his 70th birthday in three weeks - was wearing a leopard print jacket and began his band's set with Start Me Up.

Tens of thousands of people were in the crowd in London, including celebrities such as David Walliams, Gemma Arterton, Simon Fuller and Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie.

Celebrated music producer Bob Clearmountain - renowned for his work as a live mix engineer - flew in to put his magic touch to the proceedings.

The Stones played two gigs at Hyde Park, both of which were filmed and recorded.
Glastonbury Festival 2013 - Day 4 Tens of thousands filled the venue in Hyde Park for the show

It is thought the sound recordings will go on to be sold through the iTunes store, while footage is expected to form a future DVD release.

The Stones' performances at Hyde Park came just days after their much-anticipated headline stint at Glastonbury the previous weekend.


--- Cita de: javierstone en julio 08, 2013, 12:07:20 pm ---Street Fighting Man ME PONEEEEEEE A 1000 !!!!!!!!!!!! Por favor votad votad votad votad!!! quiero escucharla allá!!!!

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Ya la he votado, buena suerte, ojalá salga!!!


--- Cita ---Ya la he votado, buena suerte, ojalá salga!!!
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Gracias amigo Juancho. Ahora mismo estoy peleándome con los de los tickets y necesito escuchar  SFM a tope pues me entran ganas de matar. A día de hoy no me han enviado mi ticket salgo mañana para Londres y dicen que lo recoja allá ¡PERO PEDAZO DE MELONES SI HE PAGADO 30 PUTAS LIBRAS PARA QUE ME LO ENVIEIS A MI CASA GRRRRRRRRRRR GRRRRRRRRRRR .Es totalmente injusto soy pobre y estos hijosdeputa me han engañado y me han soplado 30 pedazos de libras que me hacen mucha falta!!!! diossssssssssssss


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