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Boston TD Garden 14/06/2013

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Para Votar y que toquen esta noche:;

Memory Motel
Street Fighting Man
Let It Bleed
Just My Imagination
Waiting On A Friend

Me juego que sale Memory Motel...


vote just my imagination


 1) GOMC
 2) IORR
 3) PIB

---not crazy about doing this while RO is under construction---   Sad Sad Sad

Jagger teases about doing triple time for  tonight's show

 4) GS
 5) ADTL !!!! (An oldie but a goodie)
 6) MEMORY MOTEL (Audience Vote and Tour premier)
 7) When The Whip Comes Down (First time since Paris Club shows October 2012)

+++ So far, 7 songs from 7 albums +++

 8) Emotional Rescue   ( make that 8 from 8 now )  Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

 Jagger jokes about taking a Duck Tour and remarks about wasting all the lovely tea in the bay and charlie counts off and they go into:

 9) Doom & Gloom ( that's right...9 from 9, for those keeping score at home)
10) One More Shot ( raise your hand if you were hoping for 10 from 9!!  Cry Cry  )
11) HTW

Band Introductions

The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones ‏@RollingStones 3m

On drums Mr Bopbamballubaawopbambou CHARLIE WATTS!
You know Charlie must hate this part of the show... Grin

12) YGTS
13) Happy ( What, you expected just an "H" ?)

Ronny and the Peddle Steel on stage



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