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(NSC) January & February Gigs (Read 479 times)
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(NSC) January & February Gigs
Mar 2nd, 2010 at 12:58pm
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All the shows I have been to so far this year. The best being PAUL DI'ANNO, THE HANGMEN, CHAPIN SISTERS @ The Echo and AGNOSTIC FRONT. Sean Wheeler is one of the greatest perfomers ever but I go see him so much that I don't really have the opportunity to fully absorb individual shows and they blur together quickly. He did speak highly of the Dec 22 2009 show and I guess I would have to agree that was a great one.

1/4/10 Year Long Disaster/Open Hand @ Spaceland

1/5/10 Sean y Zander/Mark Miller @ Redwood

1/12/10 Sean y Zander/Simon Stokes/Peg Leg Love @ Redwood

1/14/10 Agnostic Front/Death By Stereo @ Redwood
(This show was way too big for such a tiny place. People were diving off the tables and crowd surfing a hair length away from the ceiling. Performing Victim In Pain in it's entirety)

1/16/10 Mike Watt & Secondmen/Sacharrine Trust/Gestapo Khazi @ Redwood

1/19/10 Sean y Zander/Gabriel Hart & 2/3rds Of The Ladies Of Jail Weddings @ Redwood

1/22/10 Dante vs Zombies/Gestapo Khazi/Beat Killers/Arrow Down @ the Redwood

1/25/10 MICHAEL MONROE Press Conference and Live Performance @ Swingtown Studios (This was a DREAM COME TRUE - I hope to find the time to write more about it in the future)

1/26/10 Sean y Zander/New Rome Quartet @ Redwood

1/28/10 Wayne "The Train" Hancock @ Amoeba

1/28/10 Chapin Sisters/Parson Red Heads/Social Studies @ The Echo
(One of the top 3 Chapin Sisters shows I have seen. Not sure if it was because it was the only time I saw them "under the influence" or if they ramped it up a notch because Tom Chapin was in attendance)

1/30/10 Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders @ Taix
(I drank myself into oblivion at the Dokken Day celebrations down the street then came here where my memory fades immedietly with no recollection of the show. But I made a great recording. And if I can make a recording that sounds like that while totally unconscious, I don't yet have a problem!)

1/31/10 What @ California Kickboxing Gym

2/1/10 Sean y Zander/Woolen @ Hotel Cafe

2/4/10 Dave Rawlings Machine @ Amoeba

2/4/10 Thelonious Monster/Sean y Zander/Horse Thieves @ The Echo

2/5/10 Chapin Sisters/Sands (formerly Dame Satan) @ Synchronicity Gallery
(minus Jessica; free jello shots!)

2/7/10 Huun Huur Tu @ Amoeba
(Throat singers from Tuva. Unlike most rock bands I have seen at Amoeba they actually caught the attention of people just there to shop!)

2/10/10 Justin Townes Earle @ Amoeba

2/11/10 Lady Dottie & The Diamonds @ Redwood (only caught about 75 mins - she was playing all night with no other bands on the bill, would have been awesome if it was just a club length set)

2/12/10 Pearl Harbor @ Space Fifteen Twenty

2/12/10 Throw Rag/Prima Donna/The Royal Highness/Kings Of The Wild Frontier (partial) @ Spike's
(Zander Schloss was sitting in for Frank Fontana on bass, still no idea what the story on that one is)

2/13/10 No Age with Mike Watt and Tim Kerr (instrumental jam) @ The Family (Art Gallery/Bookstore) and a jam with 11 musicians using fiddles, banjos, spoons, jugs, washboards etc. They didn't have room inside they played out front for over an hour.

2/13/10 The Mau Mau's/The Gears/A Pretty Mess @ Redwood
(this was the most crowded I have ever seen the Redwood)

2/14/10 Build An Ark @ Amoeba

2/14/10 Lasse Marhaug/Joe & Joe/Seven Depressions @ The Smell (A 2nd Mau Mau's show at the Redwood was announced from the stage for tonight but never materialized so I came here. Mainly just people making noise with laptops and accessories. I enjoyed it. Seemed like at least a third of the sparse crowd was holding recording devices)

2/17/10 Paul Di'Anno/Icarus Witch/Ninth Circle @ Brixton

2/18/10 Fanfarlo @ Amoeba

2/19/10 The Hangmen/Superbees/Barrio Tiger/The Royal Highness @ Spike's

2/20/10 Harlem/Dante vs Zombies/J Worthington Foulfellows @ Spaceland

2/21/10 White Lung/Friendly Neighbors/Nu Sensae/NASA Space Universe @ The Smell

2/24/10 Visqueen @ Amoeba

2/24/10 The Choke/Peg Leg Love @ Five Star Bar

2/25/10 Cheap Trick/Ricky Warwick/The Royal Highness @ House Of Blues (full review forthcoming)

2/26/10 The Cute Lepers/Prima Donna/Clorox Girls/D-Rex/The Spurts/Luxury Sweets @ Redwood  (show started way early, only caught a minute of Luxury Sweets)

2/27/10 Prima Donna/Duane Peters & The Great Unwashed/Billy Bones/Sean y Zander/Motorcycle Boy/The Legendary Swagger @ Key Club

3/1/10 The Choke/The Big Death Scene/Miss Jilly @ Cat Club
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Re: (NSC) January & February Gigs
Reply #1 - Mar 3rd, 2010 at 5:33am
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